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Feb 27, 2023

· 2 min read

Explore and Explearch shipped!


  • We added a search bar. Visitors of the app can now search for pods in a search bar. The current implementation is just the starting point as we will layer on complexity to make the experience more pleasant and useful.
  • We now have a dedicated Explore page where we display a few featured pods and operators. In the future, we can make this content dynamic.
  • Slight animation in the podarchy spatial interface. The dotted line indicated a pod relationship from the originating node to the destination. In subsequent updates, this will have more visual cues and a revamped sidebar.
  • EOAs now works for podarchies. It will render the user's EOA as the root node. Check it out here.
  • Pod pages were missing a link to the podarchy page. This has now been added.
  • The pod settings menu now includes an About item which shows the pod ID.


  • Pod images for our featured users.
  • Turned off caching, which used to cause some delays with image updates.
  • Updated the navbar. Pods is now Manage to indicate the pods the connected user is on and can manage. We also included a button to direct the user to their podarchy.
  • Various copy changes.


  • With this update, we no longer show the build permit page. Users go straight to the Explore page.


  • Rebuilt the NFT service from scratch, because it was causing a lot of issues.
  • Finance lens CORS error is now fixed.