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Transfer Membership or Manager Keys

How to transfer pod membership or manager privileges via the Metropolis SDK

Transfer pod membership

Individual users and member pods can transfer their pod memberships.

An EOA can transfer their membership with the following function:

const pod = await getPod('0x123...456');

// This signer is the address giving up membership
await pod.transferMembership(
fromAddress, // Address to transfer from
toAddress, // Address to transfer to

If a member pod wants to transfer their membership you can call the below function. It will create a proposal that the member pod members must approve:

const subPod = await getPod('0x123...456');

// The signer is a member pod member of the member pod transferring its membership
await subPod.propose(await subPod.transferMembership(fromAddress, toAddress), signer)

Transfer manager privileges

Individual users managers or manager pods can transfer their manager privileges.

An EOA manager can transfer their manager role with the following function:

const pod = await getPod('0x123...456');

// This signer must be a manager of a given pod
await pod.transferAdmin(toAddress, signer);

If a pod is a manager of another pod and wants to transfer their manager privileges, they must create a proposal that requires approval from said pod:

const adminPod = await getPod('0x123...456');
const agentPod = await getPod('0x123...789');

// This signer must be a member of the manager pod
await adminPod.propose(await agentPod.transferAdmin(toAddress), signer);

Once the proposal is created, users can approve or reject within the Metropolis web app or you can build an experience to approve, reject and execute proposals through the SDK.